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So your television set is malfunctioning and you are looking at different TV models online and in the newspapers to decide which one to purchase. The modern man has forgotten the importance of repairing and does not really care for the old products.

The change in sales
Dumping the old for something new, calls for a lot of expenses, plus if you can get the old product repaired for a fraction of the money, then what is the harm in it? If your TV has a few minor problems, then all you need to do is call an electronic professional for Samsung service centre Melbourne who with the help of some servicing can make your old TV sets as good as new. Why spend so much money when you can easily renew the old?

The changing mindset
Today’s generation is very keen on the idea of replacing rather than repairing. People are eating out of the hands of appliance companies who purposely try to instill the idea in the customer’s mind that new is always better. Of course, something new will have novelty features and will hold some attraction, but after a point of time, that too will become old. So this constant cycle of replacing will lead to a lot of expenses. Not only that, it would also mean a lot of waste products and depletion of natural resources to upsurge the need for more. This mentality in itself is very wrong as it is leading people towards discontentment and the need to get more and more.

The changing face of technology
All those self proclaimed geeks and techies, are propagating the idea, that new is always better. However, that sometimes can be wrong. New products may not necessarily be better, they may not be as durable or as cost-effective as the old technology. All this is a marketing method for companies to make sure that their products are frequently sold and their company continues to rake in the moolah. In this system, it is the common man who has to bear the brunt of keeping up with the rest of the world. So, the next time your TV does not work, instead of searching for discounts on new television sets, try to find out about tv service in Melbourne as that will be a more feasible and logical idea.

Always think twice
Do not fall prey to marketing tactics, and buy stuff which is not worth your money. Instead, think of ideas which will help in saving money. Instead of opting to buy new, try to find out the root cause of the problem in the old and get it fixed. Earlier electronics and home appliance used to last for years, but now their life has reduced a lot, this is because the gadget companies have to find out ways to sell newer goods; if the old does not stop working then what will induce the sale of new?

To Buy Or Not To Buy